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Promoting the team spirit of wolf , creating humanized high-tech products , making the Kinstone people working happily , leading the Kinstone’s partners to be win-win in the tablet industry , Kinstone will be a successful , faithful enterprise and the goal of creating the  famous  worldwide brand will be come true soon .


The highest goal of Kinstone : to be the famous worldwide brand  The development strategy of Kinstone  The first , a strategy of locus——according to our own strength , we Kinstone put forward to a market  developed  strategy that from low to high, point to plane, now to the future -keep a foothold in Shenzhen , toward the nation , toward the world . The second ,the strategy of creating a famous brand : in order to seize the commanding height and despoil the initiative of the market , we implement the brand strategy .


We insist on working hard in high technology and high added value ,strengthening the import , reform and progress of our technology .


Furthermore , treating science and technology as the guide ,  taking the  contemporary  international advanced technology and the quality level as the goal and to go a road of introducing , digesting , absorbing , innovating depending on our own advantages . 


Then , the company can  keeps the strong competitive


attitude all the time to push into the market constantly .


Company values  The highest values of the company : never sell the future

for the immediate interests . The customer is the people our

enterprise rely on for living forever .  The quality is the eternal theme of the enterprise life .

We should run after 

high benefit and serve the society and people, better and contribute

to the development of human . The whole values sense will be

formed accompanied with the root of realizing the maximum values .

The concept of quality : quality is in my heart , standard is in my brain ,

craft is in my hands .

The concept of management : take the market as the center and all service

are for the market . Take the customers as the center , and provide the

best service for the customers .

The concept of talents : the market competition will transform to be the

talents competition finally . Talent is the most valuable wealth of the company and

motivate and train the employees to improve themselves constantly .

The concept of brand : keep improving to build the brand of Kinstone ;

improve continuously to run after the satisfaction of our customers .

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