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Time: 2019-01-02
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           2016.07 We launched the 2nd Generation Smart Robot

             2016.04 Attended HK Fair and Canton Fair

             2016.03 Developed Dog training robot

             2017. 03 Kinstone Launched new product 360 degree VR Camera

             2016. 12 Kinstone Smart robot 2nd Generation launched in Europe market

             2016.03 Developed Dog training robot

             2016.02 Attended Mobile World Congress MWC in Barcelona

             2016.01 Attended Consumer Electronics Show CES in las vegas , our first intelligent robot had attracked customers from all over the world

             2016.01 Launched 5“ 6” 4 G LTE ULTRA- Thni 2.5D Smartphone

2015.10 Attended HK Fair and Canton Fair.

2015.09 Launched our 4000mAh battery budget smart phone.

2015.07 Developed our first intelligent educational robot.

2015.05 Our 3G/4G 5 inch and 5.5 inch smart phones are well sold.

2015.04 Attended HK Fair and Canton Fair.

2015.03 4", 4.5", 5", 5.5" Smart phone were developed sucessfully and in mass production already.

2015.03 Launched 6.95", 6.98", 7", 8", 10.1" Qualcomm Quad Core 4G LTE Tablet.

2015.03 Attended CEBIT trade fair in Hanover Germany, new launched MID attracted customers from all over the world.

2015.03 Launched 1 0.1 ", 11.6", 13.3"tablet with 3G/4G intel Quad Core -M CPU

2015.01 Took Participate in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

2014.12 Launched 11.6", 13.3" tablet with 3G intel Quad core Baytrial-T CPU

2014.11 Launched NFC with 4G/3G l0.1" tablet.

2014.11 Launched NFC with 4G/3G lO.l"tablet

2014.10 Launched Rockchip Quad Core with lower cost tablet

2014.10 Launched MTK Octa Core 4G tablet

2014.08 Launched 8.9",8.95",10.1" Tablet with 3G Intel Quad core Baytrial-T CPU

2014.07ini Projector was developed sucessfully and in mass production already. And so is the world's first pet smart neck ring was developed successfully and in mass production already.

2014.06 Attended 2014 Computex in Taipei

2014.05ntelligent student tracking, the old man tracking and the heart rate watch come to market and start mass production

2014.04 Attended HK Fair and Canton Fair

2014.03 Launched MTK Octa Core 3G tablet

2014.03 Launched 7",7.85",8" Tablet with Intel Quad core Baytrial-T CPU

2014.03 Launched Netbook and Tablet pc Two in One , with Quad core CPU, Touch screen,can be Rotated 360 degrees

2014.01 Took Participate in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

2013.09 Launched Bluetooth Watch , Smart Watch, Wristband

2013.01 Passed the high and new technology enterprises in shenzhen and the national high-tech enterprise certification

2012.06 Passed ISO9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 by TUV.

2012.01 Took Part in the CES show in Las vegas,Kinstone launched 7"8" and 9.7" series Tablet with Android 4.0, which attracted a lot of customers.

2011.09 Dual core MID with processor Cortex-A9 was launched. Low consumption rate was highly acknowledged in the market.

2011.08 High-end MID with processor, Samsung 210, was launched. 3G, bluetooth, capacitive screen, call function were available.

2011.06 Cooperate with Zhong Ka Educational Science and Technology company to expand children E-book market share.

2011.06 Successfully launched super slim 7 inch model, 070VE,gained good reputation from customers.

2011.01 Took participate in the America Global Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas U.S.A to consolidate our American market share. 2011.03 Attended CEBIT trade fair in Hanover Germany, new launched MID attracted customers from all over the world. 2011.04 Took part in Hong Kong Electronics Fair.

2010.04 Brought New products to participate in variety of China consumer electronics show, the Hong Kong Electronics Fair and Canton Fair.

2010.01 Variety of touch MID products launched, and MINI BOOK launched based on the ION2. 2010 CES exhibition launched the first 3D camera, and the release of MID products Android operating system.

2009.12,The new private model camera C68 launched, Attracted high attention by the market and media.

2009.10 Took part in the HK Fair and Canton Fair. New products of UMPC, MID,DPF launched. also in The Six China-Asian Expo, highly praised by the Guangdong province and Shenzhen city leaders, and received a number of central stations and international media, TV interviews and product coverage. MID ARM architecture on the company with total exports reached 200K,the international and domestic market selling well. MID with Android operating system research and development project started.

2009.04 Formally admitted by Alibaba trade, via the integrity certification.

2009.03.15 Participate Pacific Internet 3.15 merchant credit appraisal and selection.

2008.12 UMPC,UMD catered to the market across the board. Using INTEL, VIA's UMPC products are available across the board. meanwhile Kinstone company launched new model KS-UMD070VB.

2008.07?New web cameras with utility model patents products C28, C29 have been put into the market, and the new digital photo frame KS-DPF-P7C with a number of colorful shells. In August launched new model KS-UMPC 102VC

2008.04?For expanding management scale, the company, has moved to Guangming new high-tech district, now has more than 5,000 square meters of factory. And participated the 104th Canton Fair.

2008.03?After a long period of research and development, the company launched FM formulator series products successfully.

2008.01?Took part in the CES in Las Vegas for a better development of the Americas, Canada, South America and other markets.

2007.11 Participated the 103th Canton fair in Guangzhou, on the exhibition, meanwhile carried out new products promotional activities, activities covered most districts of Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shanghai and Guangzhou, further expanded the company's brand influence successfully.

2007.07Launched by the private model products C18 and C8, which is popular in the market. And in Auguest the overseas server were added.

2007.06?We successfully launch the new product of UMPC and UMD, which is researched and developed by our professional engineers. And get a positive result in the gobal market.

2007.03?Attended the CeBIT fair in Hannover, Germany.Displayed the new models, and strengthened the European market.

2006.11 Attended the 26th Gitex Fair in Dubai.

2006.05 Our model KS-188 won the Editor's choice award. our MP3/MP4 models KS-18,KS-18a,KS-21 got the CE certificate in July. In same Monly we attended the 100th Canton fair.

2006.03 Attended the CEBIT in Hannover, Germany, we' ve made great success. And in April attended the 99th Canton fair, it had speeded up the development of international market.

2005.04 and 2005.11 Attended the 97th and 98th Canton fair.

2004.08 13 offices are set up the provincial capital cities across the country for companies to increase market share in the country.

2004.05 Participated in Canton Fair, and had achieved a good propaganda and social effect.

2004.04 the Kinstone series camera quality system achieved international certification CE and FCC. We launched new top product KS-1668 which features a built-in microphone has got the interests and concern by experts of the field, and the products were well sold around the world.

2003.06 the launch of 380,000 pixels, zoom camera Titanium Series KS-1218,KS-1219 Series achived a 3-fold digital zoom function and the technology of digital video products that use the zoom feature perfectly in PC camera, we are the first at home and abroad.

2003.09 Shenzhen Kinstone D&T Develop Co., Ltd established.




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